An ode to IBD

Crohns and Colitis UK

You think you’re gonna stop me? Stop me in my tracks?

You think you’re gonna beat me? Beat me with your attacks?

You’ve been hiding like a coward and sneaking up on me

But today I finally met you, thanks to colonoscopy

Today I saw your damage and now I know your name

It’s time to start the fightback, I’m stepping up my game

What kind of creature are you, choosing life up my poop shoot

Come out and fight me fairly, feel the weight of my right boot

I’ve tried all kinds of diet, to make me feel more good

But every time I poop, it’s still red with all the blood

You give me pain you make me sore, I feel out of sorts

You get all my attention, you stain my jockey shorts

Why can’t I just evict you, I’m really not that sure

But I’m gonna keep on fighting, and hope they find a cure………..

Visit the Crohn’s & Colitis UK website for help and advice >>


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