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Salofalk enema for IBD

So I was about to be discharged from hospital after a two day stay due to pain and a bloody ‘back door’. I’d been visited by the three ghosts of IBD (See previous post for an explanation) and now it was time to go home and digest (LOL) the facts! Things had moved quickly since the colonoscopy, faster than my mind could absorb all the information, an onslaught of medical terms, possible treatment routes, and the reality that I had an incurable disease.

As they say in the movies ‘Shit Just Got Real’.

So, after a final ‘vitals’ check, due to a low heart rate, (Check out this excellent post by Nurse’s Notions) I was good to go, all I was waiting for now was the pharmacy to bring the medications. Salofalk enema for IBDSo I waited, and waited, and waited some more, FOUR hours I waited, until along came the pharmacist who handed a nurse a HUGE green carrier bag bursting with boxes of ‘goodies’.

Is THAT for me? I asked. Yup, she smiled. Honestly, this was a big bag with two large boxes, one medium box and three smaller boxes inside. Jesus I thought, have I got to swallow that lot!

NOPE! The two large boxes contained 14 little ‘squeezy’ bottles which I had to jam up my jacksy! One a day for two weeks 🙂 Oh the joys, my rear exit had switched roles and was now an entrance!

My face must have given away my thoughts and I was asked if I wanted the district nurse to come round every day and intrude my poor little arsehole. No thanks, I’ll manage 🙂

One of the smaller boxes contained an anti-inflammatory (Pentasa) with an ongoing repeat prescription to sort out later. The medium box contained Moviprep, a weapons grade laxative, in preparation for my Yuletide colonoscopy. I guess that should shift the Turkey and parsnips pretty damn quick 🙂 Moviprep colonoscopy preperation laxative

Thanks in advance Santa, ho ho ho, arrrrgh 🙂

A second bag was handed to me, the nurse had kindly offered me some of those disposable towels to use when I was injecting the Salofalk up my derriere! Well, that was that, homeward bound with lots of future appointments booked, some anal intrusion to inflict on myself and 8 little pink tablets a day to stuff down my gullet 🙂

Both these meds contain mesalazine, used to reduce the inflammation and hopefully bring some poopy shoot relief plus I had some paracetamol to scoff down, along with some codeine to help with the pain……….. it really didn’t!

Thanks for reading and please add your comments below 🙂

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