Botty Burps

Crohns, Colitis and Me

I can’t wait for 2017 to arrive!

Not because I’m gonna make any resolutions, not because I’m gonna spout on about how it’s ‘New Year, New Me’!

No, it’s because I’ve got another colonoscopy booked (December 28th) and a tasty dose of Moviprep to get down the hatch, then, early in 2017 (January 4th) I’ve got another appointment with my gastro doc to discuss the latest bum prodding results and further treatments. I shouldn’t be looking forward to this, but I am!

I can’t wait for 2017 to arrive because I will hopefully have my medication changed to something that ‘suits me’ better and brings some relief, something that eases my symptoms without creating new ones!

I was given Salofalk enemas to pop up my poop shoot and they didn’t go down well (should that be didn’t go up well? 🙂 ) After the first squeezy bottle full of foaming bubbliness I got the worst, most instantaneous guts ache I’ve had in ages, closely followed by a large, unexpected, uncontrollable and messy ‘botty burp’ 🙂

Not nice, but, me being me, I gave it another go the next day with the same results….. squeeze, rumble, ouch, ouch, ouch, BOTTY BURP! The third day brought a third attempt and a third messy fail.

Time to talk with my IBD nurse! She advised me to stop inflicting them on myself immediately (I wasn’t about to try a fourth time to be honest) and carry on with the Pentasa tablets in isolation.

BUT…. (why is there always a but?)

Why can’t something just be straightforward for once?

Anyway, BUT, I started to get dizzy spells and felt sick after taking the Pentasa. I was on four tablets in the morning and four more in the evening. Shortly after taking them (within an hour) the dizziness started followed by the queasy stomach. I never really felt like I would throw up, but the horrible sensation was there and, coupled with the light headed yucky feeling it wasn’t pleasant. So I contacted my IBD nurse again, God I felt like a whinging old ninny!

The nurse advised me to reduce the Pentasa by half, so two in the morning, two at night and see how I got on with that. Well, there was not much change, and I was (still am) soooooo reluctant to seek more advice and keep on moaning about things. After all, I’ve only got a few short weeks before the new year and new appointments, I can bring it up then.

I really don’t want to keep bugging the team at the hospital, they’re dealing with people much worse off and I can deal with things in the meantime, however…… ROLL ON 2017 🙂

Thanks for reading and please add your comments below  🙂



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