What if everyone has IBD?

Symptoms of bowel disease Crohns and Colitis

What? Am I serious?

Well, yes and no, I’m really just trying to get my head around things since my diagnosis.

But what if everyone does have IBD, or let’s look at it another way, what if inflammatory bowel disease isn’t actually a disease at all, but just an unfortunate part of our natural being?

Think for a moment, there is no known cause, rhyme or reason for the ‘disease’ so what if it is just naturally occurring in all of us, an oddity in the function of a complex human ecosystem?

What if we all get inflammation in the bowel from time to time, due to something we’ve eaten, maybe because of stress or over exertion, but it never gets diagnosed in most people because for the vast majority it simply creates a day of inexplicable diarrhea or ‘guts ache’ then subsides’.

Maybe, just for the unfortunate few, it becomes a long term inflammation and with each passing day of swollen bowel the body just can’t recover and repair itself until eventually it gets beyond the point of no return, unable to be fixed by our own body (which tries so hard our immune system eats us alive), and is eventually investigated and named by a consultant.

It happens with spots for a random analogy, (an oddity in the function of a complex human ecosystem?) I’m certain mother nature hasn’t designed us to have them for some grand purpose unknown to us! Everyone gets spots, they come, they go. But for some people they keep appearing, never go away completely and the condition becomes bad enough to get named and treated.

Researchers are looking for a cause, but maybe there simply isn’t one?

Is there a reason a select few suffer more than the majority?

Is it simply bad luck?

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and please add your comments below 🙂

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