Here’s my best guess!

GI day!

The appointment I’d been dreading for weeks. I was up early today, mainly because I didn’t sleep well at all, and started the day off with my usual cup of tea and a couple of bloody poops!

Most of my day was spent prepping for the appointment, making sure my list of questions and symptoms were ready to fire at the unsuspecting doctor! I arrived at hospital with my customary punctuality, an hour early so I can keep myself calm, check my poopy shoot for any lurking emergencies and settle into the environment gently.

I reported to the main reception, made my way to suite 4 and announced myself to one of the nurses who whisked me off to be weighed and measured my height? Never will understand that, are they expecting me to shrink? Or worse, will I grow taller? I bang my head on things now, so please God let it be the shrinking option 🙂

Back into the waiting room and I sit there flicking through my mobile, anyone noticed how boring a smartphone is when there’s no signal? dsc_0003OK, time to people watch for a while and pick out a few private, descriptive names for the unsuspecting victims sat around me.

Opposite was ‘Huffy Puffy’ man, intent on letting us all know how impatient he was getting, to my left was ‘Gobby Slobby’ woman, she was loud and didn’t seem to care about what anyone else in there was feeling like.

My name got called and the delightful lady doctor lead me into a consulting room. Out came the images from my last colonoscopy and she talked me through them in great detail, pointing out all the faulty bits in my colon and all the good bits for comparison. She explained that my disease is mainly active in the lower part of my descending colon extending into my rectum and anus. I have Crohn’s (granulomatous) Colitis. What this means is, the disease is exclusively in my large bowel, nowhere else in my digestive tract, which is the first bit of ‘good’ news I’ve had since my original diagnosis.

The down side is that the location means blood is more prevalent when I poop and the urgency to pop out a sloppy poopy is also more intense. The up side is that they can target the area with localised medications (yet more suppositories) along with the usual steroids and mesalazine in it’s various forms.

So, oral Prednisolone, oral Pentasa, Prednisolone and Salofalk suppositories. Kind of tackling the problem from above and below in a classic pincer movement, just like warfare, which is what it feels like at times 🙂

As for the future, the long term outlook and treatment plan, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer apparently! It’s all a ‘best guess’ scenario. They will keep trying various drugs to hopefully bring about a remission. I’m in a wait and see situation, so let’s take things as they come, keep in touch with my IBD nursing team (who are fantastic by the way) and we’ll all take it month by month. Slowly slowly catchy monkey 🙂

Next post I’ll look at the various meds and any side effects, but for now I’m sat here feeling a little foolish for getting so wound up about this particular appointment!

As I always say ‘anticipation is worse than realisation’

Shame I don’t always listen to my own wisdom and advice, lesson learned 🙂

Thanks for reading and please add your comments below 🙂

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