Meds to support Meds!

So, I’ve been on a variety of downy throaty meds and uppy bummy meds! Almost every drug we’re asked to stuff inside ourselves by the professionals seems to come with a side effect, making me wonder sometimes if anyone actually knows how an individual will react to certain medications. I mean, yes, they’re tested generally, but it’s got to be impossible to know how every man, woman and child will react as individuals, isn’t it?

Of course it’s impossible! So we swallow, we push up, we rub on and we inject whatever we’re told to, that’s a huge leap of faith we take don’t you think? Yup, but we still do it and end up hearing the words ‘These meds will help you get over the meds you’re taking’ 🙂


Me? I’ve had a reaction to almost every drug I’ve had pumped into my body since my diagnosis. From the Mesalazine induced dizziness, to botty exploding Salofalk enemas and Prednisolone dinosaur hands (and feet) No problem, I’ve just plodded on regardless, after all, the side effects are all part of the treatment aren’t they and we should just accept them and deal with it?

Well bring on a new side effect that I simply can’t ignore, a side effect that’s caused me new pain, a lot of pain and many sleepless nights too. Duodenal ulcer is the new source of entertainment keeping me awake at night.

Extremely painful and almost impossible to find instant relief, I must have downed more antacids and drank more water through each night than I thought possible! OK, time for a visit to my GP. She prescribed Lansoprozole, an acid suppressor and warned me that it could give me ‘The Trots’. Seriously, you’re gonna give a sufferer of inflammatory bowel disease a drug that can cause me to run to the pooper even more than I do!

Ha, don’t think so!

I ‘load up’ with Gaviscon before bedtime (which is when the pain is the worst, I think it’s from lying down) This does help ease things and generally I think it’s healing, I hope it’s healing! I’ve got another GI appointment soon and I don’t want to wind up having another camera down my throat.

If it does come to that, I hope it’s not the one they keep shoving up my bum or at least its had a little wash first 🙂

Ciao for now folks, keep smiling 🙂

Thanks for reading and please add your comments below 🙂

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