It’s not like me!

Well now, I’ve got another GI appointment coming up with yet another one scheduled 4 weeks after that. Seems like appointments are taking over my life lately!

With all this bum prodding action and needle poking fun I’m understandably a little self-focused and preoccupied with my illness and general health, more than a little some days. It feels like every waking moment is filled with thoughts of IBD!

Can I eat that? Should I drink that? Can I go there, is there a toilet nearby? Is that twinge caused by IBD? The list of doubts and genuine fears go on and on.

Yup, I’ve become a wee bit negative in my thoughts, and that just isn’t me, not at all like me in fact. I’m usually the one who comes up with a calm solution or compromise to a problem while everyone else is running around claiming it’s impossible to sort out.

Negativity is not me, it’s not what I’m about and I don’t like it, it’s got to stop, it has to be turned around, reversed and replaced with positive thoughts (and actions) once again.

can do it

I should start appreciating the fact that my diet has improved beyond measure since being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease rather than mourning the things I can’t eat anymore.

I need to appreciate that I live in a World where advanced medical techniques offer me some relief, (my mother never enjoyed that luxury) instead of moaning about the amount of drugs I’m taking (and the side effects).

I should be grateful that my local hospital has an excellent team of IBD nurses and consultants who help to manage my condition, rather than complain about the amount of money I spend on prescriptions.

I am generally a positive person and I believe that a negative outlook can make a person ill. That applies to anyone and everyone out there, if you think down you’ll feel down, you’ll sap the happy right out of you. You’ll stop ‘doing’ because it’s easier to say ‘I can’t’ than it is to find the motivation to ‘get on with it’.

Phew, well that’s got things off my chest. I feel like I’ve rounded a corner and got back on the right track.

I might celebrate with a massive bar of chocolate and a pint of beer……….
But, I can’t eat that or drink that.
But I prefer not to eat chocolate or drink beer anymore, I like other stuff nowadays 🙂

Enjoy happy thoughts people and remember this:

A negative attitude is like having a flat tyre.
You won’t go anywhere until you change it!


Thanks for reading
Please add your thoughts and experiences in the comments below 🙂

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